Friday, May 29, 2009

Homeowners, take note!

In the current economic climate, it's hard not to be concerned about the future. I'm constantly thinking about our own situation, and where our decisions are leading us, and what changes we can make to help us meet our goals.

One thing I've been reading up on a bit is mortgage refinancing. Every homeowner's situation is unique, but it is worth looking into refinancing because in many areas, home values are dropping. Competitive rates are out there, and it may be worth your time to do some research to see how your own situation might benefit.

One site with some good information (and a very helpful glossary) is Savings First Mortgage Refinance. They are a local lender working with homeowners in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington D.C. I do not live in these areas, so I won't be working with them, but I did find some helpful tips to consider at their site if you are thinking about refinancing. If you do live in one of the 5 areas they cover, you can contact them for a no-obligation consultation, or check out information specific to your area:

Mortgage Refinance MD

Mortgage Refinance Virginia

Mortgage Refinance Pennsylvania

Mortgage Refinance Delaware

Mortgage Refinance Washington DC

Remember that every situation is unique, and you should always thoroughly research any major financial decision. Please consult your own financial advisors for additional information before acting on any offer.

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  1. We've actually been thinking about this quite a bit but we're just not sure what the right choice is.


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