Monday, April 6, 2009

Momfit Monday - Week Two

It's Momfit Monday!

So, last week I posted some goals for getting fit. Here's the play-by-play of how week one went:

Tuesday: What goals?

Wednesday: Grabbed one of those cups of tropical fruit for a bedtime snack, instead of the ice cream I really wanted. It was surprisingly satisfying.

Thursday: I put on a pre-natal exercise dvd to see if it had any post-natal benefits. I was interrupted three times by the baby, but I did get through a 20-minute workout eventually. I also ate an apple instead of the chips I was really craving.

Friday: I didn't manage any walking today. I did drink white grape juice/water (see below) and skipped the soda, though.

Saturday: I went to the mall and walked with the baby today. With a forecast of snow, it's way too chilly for an outdoor walk. Walking around the mall with all of my kids (read: carrying one or two of my kids and corralling the third) is bound to strengthen my arms, but is definitely not an aerobic activity!

Sunday: Not so good. I entertained friends, so I didn't get the activity in (unless frantically tidying up for 10 minutes counts!)

Clearly, making changes is going to take some time! Here are a couple of things that I've found are working for me:

I'm nursing, which means I'm thirsty. Really, really thirsty - even in our current stretch of 35 degree weather. I'm finding myself adding variety by drinking more juice. What I didn't realize is that the white grape juice I've been drinking has 160 calories per serving! So, I've added just a splash to a glass of water. It helps me drink as much water as I should, and allows me to save my calorie intake for more worthwhile splurges.

I'm trying to incorporate my kids in my activity. Pushing a stroller is a start, but I'm also using an exercise ball to hold/bounce the baby. I'm hoping it strengthens my core while I soothe my smallest!

I'll continue to give it a go this week. Come join us at 3 Kids and Us. It's way more fun to work out with friends!


  1. You did great this week! A splash of juice to flavor up water is a great idea, I'm going to try doing some of that this week.

  2. I know, it is amazing how many calories (and fructose/sugar) fruit juice has! I know that we have weather problems here and I know how hard it is to get outside. But we can do it right? I am trying to do anything in the house that I can but with little kids it is so hard.

    Good luck this week.

  3. I'm nursing too, and I hear ya on the being thirst all the time! I started drinking Pelligrino or some other carbonated water with a splash of juice--it's a much healthier version of soda and a lot less calories! I'm so sick of plain water!


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