Monday, April 27, 2009

Momfit Monday - Week Four/Five

My family has been sick. Not all at the same time, mind you, but rather in a series of overlapping days so that by the time the 5th person is getting over the symptoms of that week, the 1st person is coming down with something new. So, this week has been kind of slow for activity. I'm really ready for nicer weather, healthy kids, and some outdoor activity and sunshine to motivate me to lose this baby weight!

I do really like my Wii Fit. I like the yoga and strength training activities that help me with my form and pacing so that I'm not simply using body momentum to go through the motions. I can feel it after I work on these! And, I got a "yoga master" rating on the screen after doing one the other day. Next time I'll take a picture.

The task this week was to find a way to work out with no equipment at all.

My idea: Use the kids' bathroom step stool as a step for some low-tech stairmaster-type moves. It's nice because it's low to the ground and has a nice no-slip surface. Baby likes to watch and cheer me on from the swing nearby. I'm sure the people walking their dogs past my window are loving it, too. It can't be any worse than I must look while I'm attempting to ski jump on the Wii.

Joining Cat at 3KidsandUs for Momfit Mondays has helped me feel accountable - and it's so helpful to get ideas and inspiration from others. Come and join us!

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  1. lol I usually have the garbage men on monday's checking me out. crazy peeping toms. great idea sounds like you had great workout. Keep up the good work


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