Thursday, March 12, 2009

Seasonal Confusion

Here is the upper Midwest, the weather can't decide what to do. Is it spring and in the mid-50's? Or is it snowing? It's day-to-day right now if we'll be toting an umbrella or sporting hats and gloves.

And...I've gotten it wrong once or twice already. This makes me one of those parents who actually sends her kids out in a light jacket with bees on it only to have it snow that afternoon. My teaching concentration area is general science. Want to guess which science course was the most difficult for me? Meteorology! Oh, well.

Here's a great outdoor activity for those really chilly not-so-spring days:

Blow bubbles!

If you take bubbles outside when it's below freezing, the soap film will freeze in mid-air, and they "shatter" when you pop them. Go out and try it!

Make sure that the temperature is below freezing. (Although who doesn't like playing with bubbles in any weather?) Kids of all sizes (and my husband) love this trick!

If you want to continue the learning indoors, there are some great picture books about bubbles. Here are a few you can look for:

Have fun!


  1. I am thrilled that you are a book lover. June is going to be dedicated to reading and books on Momtrends. Any favorites?

  2. Oh, I will definitely have to try this out!!! Thanks, it sounds like fun! :)


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