Tuesday, March 10, 2009

paralysis by analysis

I love to shop. I love knowing what's out there, and how some products make my "mom life" so much easier, more stylish, and fun! I'm constantly asked "Where did you get that?" (And I'm happy to tell anyone all about the things I love. I also have absolutely no problems walking up to another parent and asking them how they would rate their baby gear, either!)

I'm fiercely budget-conscious, so I'm always searching for a good price. I do love getting a deal, but I know that sometimes a quality product is worth paying a bit more for. I'm also going greener and trying to consume less, so I want to make my purchases count.

I also research, research, and RE-research items thoroughly before I buy. I trust the advice of many mommy blogger friends, and have found some wonderful items through their reviews and say-so.

Money is an issue, so it seems like every major purchase requires multiple "committee meetings" and seemingly endless discussion. We are so anxious to make the right choice that we end up making no choice. I think it's called "paralysis by analysis."

We've finally started dividing up some of our purchasing decisions, just to get the job done. The best part of all is that I get to do most of the child-oriented purchasing!

Baby girl and I are off to go shopping now!

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  1. I like that term "paralysis analysis"--that totally describes me! I tend to think, think, and then overthink some more almost every purchase so now I'm banned from doing the grocery shopping! Guess that gets me out of one chore :)


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