Sunday, January 18, 2009

No fair winning this!

You think when you're having your third child that you must have everything you could possibly want or need for baby. We've been the recipient of some wonderful gifts which have found a new life with our second baby, and will be enjoyed and loved again with our third. We are so grateful for things friends have shared that will make caring for baby easier and more fun, and stylish.

So, why am I obsessing about a fabulous giveaway at a lovely blog I discovered? Logistics. I have an amazing travel system that served me well with my first two. Problem is, baby #3, who will arrive any time now (at least, that's what they tell me) has a sister who is not quite 15 months old. We need a double stroller in a big way. I can't really imagine how I'll leave the house without one. I've been shopping a bit - but it would be amazing to win one and put the money toward one of the other items we're bound to need in duplicate.

I was excited to discover this blog, I Never Grew Up, which has some neat ideas for everyday learning with your child. I hope to include some similar activities and ideas on my blog, and I know Vanessa will be a source of inspiration. Her blog is fun to read, and this giveaway at her blog for a Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller is amazing. I love the color, the features, and it's stylish look. You can drool over the picture below. Believe me, I won't tell...I've been drooling more than my 14 month-old over this ever since I saw it! They call it "the ride of your life" - and I don't doubt it a bit!


  1. I love that stroller!! Especially like the color combination.

  2. I know - the colors are great!! I wish I'd won it, but I'm happy for the mommy who did!


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